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Methodological approach to exponential growth

Operations Readiness (O.R.) in LNG projects

Over the last 15 years, I have held critical roles in two early stage LNG companies. The first, in Peru, was the largest investment in the history of the country. The second, in the U.S., was the first LNG plant to be built in the lower 48 States. A challenge to take a company from no market share, to become a world leading player, investing over $30bn.

Companies facing such exponential growth function in a “liquid state”, facing constant pressure on their culture, and managing an everchanging organization, and maturing processes. Indeed, they all seem to face similar challenges in their early stages:

  • Startup Mode

  • Organizational Divergence

  • Complex Project/Program Management

  • Continuous Change Management

  • Micro Management vs. Governance.

Growing Operations Support and Corporate Functions to the required level of maturity requires intensive support from outsourced alternatives. I have seen most alternatives improperly address those challenges, often because the “big ones” do not understand startup intricacies, or because the “smaller ones” lack LNG specific expertise.

<MBV> offers a proven methodology that approaches O.R. under a structured yet flexible and manageable framework. Properly structured and packaged to meet the customer´s needs, the <MBV> methodology takes an AGILE approach to O.R. consulting yet following proven industry best practices and deliverables.

<MBV> has a network of trusted LNG Experts that provide technical proficiency and quality assurance to the Operations Support and Corporate Functions O. R. Consulting. 


Natural gas extracted from fields cannot sometimes be transported to end markets by pipeline because of distance. In this case, the easiest and most economical alternative is to cool down the gas to liquid state and ship it by sea in tankers.

The Value Beyond <MBV>

Expert Networks 

Future of Work

A new employment model paradigm is taking place. Widespread mobile technologies, new cognitive technologies, local skills shortages, and the expectation of a more flexible employment model are pushing the number of contingent and freelance workforce to grow globally.

Organizations are reconsidering how they design jobs, how they organize work, how they recruit, develop or keep staff engaged. New business models, like Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) develop to provide businesses with the productivity, flexibility and quality they require, while still generating a positive impact on their bottom line.

Experts Network

<MBV> believes in Expert Networks as the most flexible and cost effective solution to access wide areas of expertise with the right depth of knowledge. Expertise can be offered where and when necessary without the need for carrying overheads.

<MBV> has developed a network of trusted Experts that can provide technical proficiency and quality assurance when needed. 

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